As we wait for Baselworld 2020 releases, here’s the most grail worthy watch of 2019 – Patek Philippe Chronograph 5172G-001

There is just something about the current 2019 Patek Philippe Chronograph reference 5172G-001 that sets the heart racing. The ever-classic blue on white gold look is simply cool and luxurious at the same time. Patek Philippe has taken a sports complication and turned it into a dress watch wonder. This is simply one of those watches that once you put on your wrist, you will not desire to take it off.

It’s a Knockout – Sparring with the new C60 BLUE

I would have to say, with the clever use of light blue accents on the dial, bezel and strap, CW has managed to direct the visual attention towards the watch’s best features. The C60 BLUE, like a person’s best side face profile, is C60 family’s best foot forward.

‘Goodnight, My Angel’ – Svelte And Sexy, The New MING 19.05 Bids Adieu To The 19-series

The brand may have decided that this is the best time to put 19-series to sleep, but this family of watches is going out on the top of its game. The new MING 19.05 is a revelation in watchmaking; it sits in a higher pedigree that’s in rarified circles. And like I said, MING may be wrapping up 2020 on high note, but I am sure Mr Thein will be back with what I can only predict to be a stellar 2021.