Fusion Friday

Fusion Friday

Off the bat we will address the name for this section: NO, it is not a copy of Speedy Tuesday. In-fact, Fusion Friday has nothing to do with any watch company or any specific week day for that matter. 

The inspiration behind creating this section lies in the the words Fusion & Friday (the latter could have been Monday too but Friday read better). 

Fusion: since at Watch Ya Gonna Do About It we are looking at recommending watches that can be used for more than one purpose. 

Friday: Again, the watch doesn’t have to be a weekday office wear watch. The idea is that the watch can be worn to work on a weekday, and then at nights and/or weekends, it can be continued to be worn.

In a nutshell: a multi-purpose watch. 

You can tag us on social media with #FusionFriday.