About Us

About Us

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It (WYGDAI) is a passion project, aimed at creating horological content that is honest, genuine, and non-commercial. Our USP is simply us

Honest – We only review watches we personally like. Not all brands, and all watches from brands are covered. 

Genuine – We don’t copy-paste from press releases. If that does happen — we are human with only 24 hours in a day after all — we try and make it a point to mention to or put it in quotation marks. Rather than copy pasting,  we take out the time to do our own research, draw our own conclusions, work off our own experiences, and then review a particular release. 

Non-commercial – We do not sell any branded watches or products. This gives us the freedom to be independent and not simply produce content that is linked to a watch that we may be selling. We do have affiliate links. Who knows we may even have sponsored posts one day, but that might be tough given we would always like to only review watches we find good ourselves. Proudly independent — though if you like us and wish to support us, you can buy us a coffee —  we like to bring to our readers watch commentary that is honest and genuine. 

Us – Based in Australia, we are a team of two, call it a ‘mom-&-pop’ operation if you like. Joseph Rana is the primary Writer, Editor and Founder. Jacqui Rana — Joseph’s bitter half — is the Social Media, Marketing and Photography wiz. Between the two of them they have years of watch collecting, watch drooling, photography, writing, movie reviewing, book writing and architectural studies backgrounds. WYGDAI stemmed out of a need to create an online website that covers the beautifully addictive world of horology from the perspective of watch lovers and not commercial sellers. Our main focus is on the pursuit of grail watches.

On the subject of Grail watches:

How would you define a Collector?

Is it the amount of pieces you have in your safe?

Or is it the quest to accumulate as many as you can?

Could it be, when you get to your Grail – that’s what defines you as a true Collector

Grails could mean different things to different people. For a Watch Connoisseur it could mean owning the Patek Philippe 5711/1A , it could also mean wearing a quartz Cartier Tank – because you want a piece of Andy Warhol or Jackie Kennedy – but can’t be bothered winding the watch every day.

For the average Joe one watch, one Swiss Luxury Watch could be the ultimate Grail. It could define his or her lifelong quest culminating into that one watch. The watch that saw everything. It could be the only thing the Son has to remember their Father. The watch that didn’t live Paul Newman’s or Steve McQueen’s life, but lived a unique life of it’s own.

Of course ambitions expand, interests change. That one watch could be joined by another, and another and another, or simply be replaced by the latest fancy.

The point is, we are here on the search for the idea of the perfect grail – and the perfect collection. We are here to bring content that is aimed at helping you, our reader, to achieve this pursuit. Man, from day one, has forged new pathways on the journey for something better. It’s your road, it’s your journey.

At Watch Ya Gonna Do About It we are just here to shine a light