The Grail-o-meter is divided into 5 sections, each weighing in at an equal 20%. The idea is straightforward: choose a watch solely for the purpose of making it a grail watch. In other words, the watch is so darn perfect, that you, and us, we can’t help but insist on that watch belonging in a perfect watch collection.

20% – Is it a limited edition or a rare watch? 

20% – Does it feature on our Fusion Friday list?

20% – Does it score a rating of higher than 1000 points on Rate-a-mate scale?

20% – Does it feature on our His+Her list? 

20% – Our opinion 


Infographic: Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic

This is the infographic review of the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic. To read the full review of this watch, head here. Click the embedded links to find out more about the categories in this infographic: Fusion Friday, Rate-a-Mate, His+Her, and Grail-o-meter. To find out more about Hublot watches, head to their website here.


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