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Is Omega’s new luxury eyewear collection poised to be a trendsetter?

Omega’s new luxury eyewear collection is poised to be a trendsetter.

Is Omega’s new luxury eyewear collection poised to be a trendsetter?

Couldn’t get your hands on the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary timepiece in MoonshineTM Gold? No worries, here’s the next best thing from the chequered brand for fans of the Apollo 11th mission. The reference OM0024-H5830G, an Apollo 11 Tribute, part of Omega’s new luxury eyewear collection

Introducing the trend

Hot on the heels of the re-release of Calibre 321, and the James Bond watches, Omega is introducing a new luxury eyewear collection for both men and women.

Omega has found another way for customers to express their love for Omega (and also in a more financially moderated way given these are no where near the cost of even an entry level Omega watch).

This is however not the first time Omega has ventured into the luxury luxury eyewear business. Their first foray was back in 2016. 

This new collection is more refined & different: Omega has made sure that there is strong resemblance between the timepieces and the sunglasses, whether be it in the material used, or details such as inspiration taken from the brand’s heritage and key watch features such as the crowns and bezels.

For the die-hard fans of the brand, Omega has included numerous evidences of their design language in these sunglasses to keep these enthusiasts busy. But before we go into these, let’s address a concern we have noticed. 


We have spoken to other watch enthusiasts like ourselves about this business venture and a common opinion is that with the launch of these sunglasses, Omega places themselves in an awkward position. 

If the consumers love this product, Omega will be the trend starter amongst watch brands that now sell eye wear collections. On the other hand, if these are not so successful, critics will harp on the issue that whether Omega is a watch company or some fashion company. 

We are of the former opinion.

Of-course only time will tell but here’s some perspective.

Look at TAG Heuer for instance. Or Cartier. Both have had an eyewear collection for a while. Does that make their watch production any poorer? No. Are they still known for the likes of Monaco & Autavia or Tank & Santos respectively? Yes. 


Depending on how you see this, Omega can now be seen as more than just a watch company, they can be seen as a fashion luxury brand, given they also make / have made tie-bars, cufflinks, and other accessories.

To further cement the case, we should also consider that they have partnered with Marcolin Eyewear in Italy. Marcolin is well respected sunglass maker that makes sunglasses for Tom Ford, Mont Blanc, Balenciaga among others. 

Given Omega is producing sunglasses in partnership with a well respected sunglass maker should provide skeptics with the consolation that at-least the quality of these frames and lens – 100% UV protection with Barberini® or Zeiss® lens in the ones we saw — should match the quality of Omega’s watches and brand name. 

To really drive the point home, I think that in a market where floating customer loyalty is more precious than ever before, Omega has made a smart move in expanding their customer base. 

In that, I think Omega will become a trend-setter. 

Watches. Meet Sunglasses.

Now back to the incorporation of Omega watches’ design language into the sunglasses. 

The entire new luxury eyewear collection comes in a total of a staggering 36 variations spread over 4 styles (Pilot, Square, Round and Cats Eye).

From lovers of the Seamaster design to the Planet Ocean design, everyone should find a pair of sunglasses to match their favourite Omega watches. 

For instance, the Seamaster inspired sunglasses feature classy and elegant rounded metal style defined by customised milling of the eye rims and Seamaster wave pattern on the temple tips – reference OM0016-H333G.

Or people can choose the classy and contemporary sunglasses that have metal inserts on the mask, which resemble the indexes of Planet Ocean watches – reference OM0022-H0030G.

Other options include multilayered acetate and thin crystal layer on the inside of the temples, displaying the customised metal core (reference OM0020-H5201D); classy blinkers on the sides with thin lightweight structure and double bridge (reference OM0021-H5205D) and sunglasses with injected inserts, featuring iconic watch crown logo on the temple tips and hidden OMEGA logo on the lenses (reference OM0014-H5305A); or choose the subtly squared with a classic colour and material combination look (reference OM0015-H6052P.

Fancy a more exclusive version? How about the aforementioned Apollo 11 version that are pilot style sunglasses with a vintage look retailing for 1’470 AUD.

There are enough watch homages here to keep even the cynics enthralled.

Join the trend

Those interested in getting their hands on these beauties, there are numerous ways to go about it:

  1. Collection is distributed though many independent retailers
  2. Omega’s corporate boutiques
  3. Through the marcolin distribution network

I think it will be interesting to see how well these are received, but judging on the basis of the design and appeal, I think Omega has a winner on their hands. 

For more information on these, head to Omega sunglasses section on their website here.

Also, you can also check out our cool Infographic on this collection here.

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