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Six Shades of Hublot: Going hands-on

We recently got the opportunity to go hands-on with some of Hublot’s offerings. Presenting as a sneak peek, here are the Six Shades of Hublot.

Six Shades of Hublot: Going hands-on

Now that the Covid-19 restrictions are slowly but surely relaxing in Sydney, we recently got the opportunity to go hands-on with some of Hublot’s offerings. And while we will be reviewing these individually very soon in detail, here’s a little teaser of what’s coming. Presenting the Six Shades of Hublot.

We are pleased to present our first YouTube video. It’s simply a trailer or an introduction to the first set of our hands-on reviews, that feature the following six Hublot watches.

  • Classic Fusion Ferrari GT 3D Carbon
  • Classic Fusion Titanium Green
  • Classic Fusion Orlinski Titanium Alternative Pavé
  • Big Bang Unico Red Magic
  • Big Bang Meca-10 Ceramic Blue
  • Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Pavé

As a sneak peek , here are the opening paragraphs from our detailed review that we will be publishing alongside a video review very soon.

When the watch we are looking at today — the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic — was released, it was the world’s first vibrantly coloured red ceramic watch. REDolent of the Maison’s innovative spirit, this ultra red oversized wrist gizmo was not only innovative in its material outlook but also rode high on the wave of reinventing the luxury wheel. Today we go hands-on with the fiery red monster. Circa: Baselworld 2018. Location: Switzerland. Players: Hublot vs the veteran luxury watch industry brands vs watch snobs. Offering: Big Bang UNICO Red Magic. Result: Beating the impossible, again. How, let’s find out … We wish to thank the Hublot Sydney Boutique for the opportunity to film and review these watches. To buy or to find out more about Hublot watches, head to their website here or visit the local Sydney Boutique at Shop 5/84 King St, Sydney. 

Six Shades of Hublot
And that’s the first one we will be reviewing in detail shortly. Can you guess which one it is?

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