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And now for something completely different – Mesmerise Yourself In The Hypnotic World Of Kinetic Art as M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion”

Presenting the Hypnotic World Of Kinetic Art as M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion”

And now for something completely different – Mesmerise Yourself In The Hypnotic World Of Kinetic Art as M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion”

Editor’s note: This is a Mind (stats), Body (design features) & Soul (what’s special) review of M.A.D.Gallery presents “Forward Motion” collection. For our detailed reviews, please head to our dedicated review section here.  

Pedro De Movellan Pedro Portrait Lres 1024x769
Pedro Sanchez de Movellán

What is it: M.A.D.Gallery presents “Forward Motion”, a collection of seven remarkable kinetic artworks by American artist Pedro Sanchez de Movellán

Why: Because motion is life and art is food for the soul

When released: November 2020

Where: Available through M.A.D.Gallery

Who is it for: For the lovers of kinetic art. Says de Movellán: “The sculpture is one of the best mediums for me to communicate a sense or feeling that cannot be put into words. The combination of balance, movement, colour, and shape are the portal for expression”.

How does it do: Breathtaking and highly engaging! 

Pedro De Movellan Halcyon 1 Lres

The Mind 

Well, it’s not a watch review, so there are no movement specifications to talk about.  

The Body 

My favourite out of the seven — “Flying Dutchman”, “Lunette”, “Halcyon”, “Ephemeris”, “Eclipse”, “Dihedral Green”, and Untitled — is the “Eclipse”. Coincidentally, it’s also the one that closely resembles the notion of a time telling device, a clock, and sits within the scope of our website’s coverage. 

M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion”

At 30 inches (76 cm) wide by 34 inches (86 cm) tall and incorporating striking gold leaf accents, through sound and motion, “Eclipse” captures the hypnotic power of kinetic art.

Pedro De Movellan Studio Lres 1024x768
Pedro Sanchez de Movellán’s studio

Being similar to a long-case clock, “Eclipse” is powered by a weighted pendulum and moves gracefully thanks to its time-portioning escapement; a clutch bearing allows only forward motion. Once in action, the arm swings in circular motions, almost emulating the hands of a clock. This impressive work makes the passage of time tangible, the ticking escapement and continuous motion tracking time without actually measuring it.

M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion”
“Flying Dutchman”

The Soul 

Robin Williams once said: “Bicycles are pieces of art. You get that combination of kinetic engineering, but then, besides the welds, the paint jobs, the kind of the sculpture of it all is quite beautiful. Bikes have such great lines, and all different styles”. 

Art can be anywhere, sculptures can be anything. Sometimes stationary, sometimes in motion, the creative world knows no boundaries. Come to think of it, watches are a form of art, for your wrists. Generally in the horological world, there is a disdain for quartz watches, and a high regard for mechanical movements. These mechanical moment watches have parts, that like art move in sync and create the visual effect of telling time. Just like that, when sculptures begin to move, they present their own identity, and as such any three-dimensional sculpture that depends on motion for its effects is a thing to behold. 

Presenting his own take on this notion of kinetic art is the American artist Pedro Sanchez de Movellán.

M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion”

To find out more about the M.A.D.Gallery Presents “Forward Motion” sculptures and other M.A.D.Gallery pieces, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise stated are © 2019 M.A.D.Gallery. All rights reserved and courtesy © MB&F SA 2018.

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