Rolex And The Oscars Are A Match Made In Heaven

Rolex And The Oscars Are A Match Made In Heaven

Great movies are synonymous with the Oscars. Creating magic on the screen, they leave an everlasting, perpetual memory. This spirit is embodied in Rolex timepieces, of creating masterpieces for your wrists and timepieces with perpetual movement. 

So strap on your trusty timeless Rolex, and watch the 93rd Oscars unfold. Together, these two icons of watchmaking and arts industries lead the tryst with time. 

Rolex And The Oscars

“Rolex and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are united by a pursuit of excellence and a mission to preserve and celebrate the creation of extraordinary works – masterpieces. Whether crafting a groundbreaking timepiece or an Oscar® – winning film, the goal for a watchmaker like Rolex and great filmmakers is to forge an unforgettable work, one that never
loses its relevance and stands the test of time.”


As the 93rd Oscars® takes centre stage, Rolex presents a fascinating film about its partnership with the AMPAS and its role at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Check it out below:


If you like Oscars, and you like Rolex, here’s a match made in heaven.

No, it’s not a limited edition Oscars Rolex, but Rolex takes pride in supporting the arts.

Rolex proudly features the Oscars 2021 Green Room, hosted and designed by Rolex. They have been the proud sponsor of the Oscars since 2017.