When Merry Met Tudor – A Tale Of 4 Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eights, Tudor 2021 Novelties & Delightful Conversations

When Merry Met Tudor – A Tale Of 4 Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eights, Tudor 2021 Novelties & Delightful Conversations

Editor’s note: We were kindly invited by The Hour Glass last night to attend The Hour Glass Tudor 2021 Collection Cocktail Event here in Sydney. Following is a glimpse into the night.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 925 Taupe Dial 1 1024x682

If you live in Sydney, you would have woken up today to a barrage of rain and wind incessantly pouring and howling. The autumn leaves are flying like there’s no tomorrow, blanketing the streets, lending the charcoal a rather romantic hue of red and orange. Couples can be seen snuggling under an umbrella, though that poor pièce de résistance is trying it’s very best not to crumble under the bellowing water soaked winds. Sydney my dear friends, is under a wet spell.

Tudor 2021

Driving in it this morning somehow reminded me of the classic ‘fall’ scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally. Our protagonists walk amidst a world covered in orange leaves. There is something so realistic yet unbelievable about it.

It’s captures the emotions, and leaves a mark. 

Our sojourn to The Hour Glass Tudor 2021 Collection Cocktail Event last night was soaked in the same essence: the memorable night captured the emotions, and the feeling of being a part of the first in-person event we have been to since Covid left a pleasant mark. I never thought I would say this before the pandemic, but man, it feels good to be able to shake hands with fellow humans, and share an anecdote or two, without hiding behind the misery of a face mask. 

Tudor 2021
The WYGDAI Team being silly in the lift

Coming back to the weather from last night, magically the clouds cleared, somewhat momentarily, long enough for watch connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts to marvel at the new Watches & Wonders 2021 Tudor novelties. 

The relentless rain let up for a hour or two, allowing the beauty of the million Sydney lights to dazzle. Perched on the 83rd floor, the venue —  Bar 83 at the Sydney Tower in the CBD — was a striking platform of mesmerising 260-degree view of Sydney’s skyline, that lent itself to be a great backdrop to the Tudor novelties. 

Complementing Tudor’s Black Bay Fifty-Eight collection’s vintage and classic vibes was the retro-inspired interior of the venue, with its bright red carpeting, furniture and blood-red rose bouquets seamlessly blending last night’s imagery into the early morning drive on the orange-red covered streets I took today.

After a scintillating night of ogling at the new Tudor beauties to being immersed in interesting conversations, the The Hour Glass Tudor 2021 Collection Cocktail Event was a revelation of sorts.

Tudor 2021

My most memorable moment was when we got to picture all the four Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight’s in one frame; that’s right, the gilt-black dialled version, the Navy Blue avatar, and the two new precious metal 2021 versions, they all shared the one stage.

The Navy Blue version belongs to my wife and business partner — actually, it used to belong to me and I covered in-depth how I bought it here but Jacqui ‘stole’ it from me — and frankly, on a Rolex lizard strap it looked pretty freakin’ amazin’ even against the handsome new silver and gold versions. The gilt-dialled one was courtesy another guest, who was kind enough to lend it to us for the photo.

Tudor 2021

There is a Delia Owens quote that reads: “Autumn leaves don’t fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar”.

Embracing this sentiment, the merry crowd of watches and Tudor lovers thronged Bar 83. Like the floating red-orange leaves from my drive, it felt like we flew to a different world, where we took our time to marvel at the timepieces, wandering amidst a well-decked out crowd, daring to soar 83 floors above a drizzled covered dazzling Sydney. 

Tudor 2021

What else can I say except, we truly loved holding the timepieces and had a golly good time at the intimate cocktail event. For us, and hopefully for a lot of others, the night was a successful tale of 4 Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eights, Tudor 2021 novelties and delightful conversations.

“Another fall, another turned page…” said Wallace Stegner. Borrowing this sentiment, the evening was another Sydney autumn, another turned page in the ever evolving book of Tudor’s legacy. 

For those who couldn’t make it to this and would like to see the new Tudor novelties, fret not; The Hour Glass boutique in Sydney CBD has them on display at an exhibition for the next few days. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank The Hour Glass Team for inviting us to this wonderful evening. All images unless otherwise stated are ©Watch Ya Gonna Do About It and some were taken prior to the event.