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When It Comes To MB&F’s M.A.D.1 Editions, There Is No Alternative But To Create The ‘Time to Love’ 


Editor’s note: This is a short, quick preview of the new MB&F M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’. For our usual detailed hands-on reviews, please head to our dedicated reviews section here.


The 2024 MB&F M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’ is the fifth iteration in my knowledge; post the blue ‘Tribe’ exclusive, came the M.A.D.1 Red (and you can read its detailed hands-on review here). This was followed by a golden coloured variation, their first limited edition for an Italian brand (M.A.D. 1 “GMT Milano”). This was followed by last year’s green iteration. And now, we have this multi-coloured beauty — featuring JCDC’s signature colours – red for passion, blue for hope, yellow for human warmth — that elevate the appeal to a whole new level.

M.A.D.Editions MAD1 JCC JCCastelbajac Max Busser Portrait 3 Lres

The watch’s triple-blade rotor, designed by Castelbajac, is coloured in blue, yellow, and red lacquer and shaped like angel wings. One blade is heavier to enhance spinning. It comes with two straps, black and white, inscribed with ‘Time to Love’.


When the rotor whirls, the colours should display a bouquet of glorious mesmerisation. 


The watch features a vibrant green hour disc with hour and minute numbers in JCDC’s handwriting. The dial bears a French quote from the artist about valuing time, a particularly distinct feature. The crown is engraved with an angel speaking to the moon, a common theme in his work.


The new MB&F M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’ features the same measurements as my M.A.D1 Red. 42mm in diameter, 18.8mm thick and 50.4mm lug-to-lug. In its centre, as the dial, is a flipped Miyota 821A movement that uses Miyota 8215 as base. It is chosen especially because it features unidirectional winding, which comes in handy when paired with a rotor that spins both ways as it minimises friction. It is a 26mm diameter and 5.67mmm thick automatic movement which MB&F has mounted upside-down. The Miyota 821A traditionally features 21 jewels, beats at the lower rate of 3Hz, and usually provides a 42-hour power reserve. The MB&F M.A.D.1 Red, however, features an increased 60-hour power reserve. Below is a photo of how it looks on a 16cm wrist.

M.A.D 1 Red MBF Hands On 30
MAD1 JCC Lifestyle Blue Lres

Like with previous M.A.D.Editions, a portion of these M.A.D.1 watches will be reserved for those who have made MB&F possible: our Tribe members (owners of MB&F watches) and our Friends (suppliers) on a first-come, first-served basis. Half of the production will be totally open to the public, via a raffle giving access to purchasing the M.A.D.1 Time to Love. The raffle opens on April 3rdand will remain open for 2 weeks, until April 17th. Registration is of course free of charge. Retail price before taxes of the M.A.D.1 Time to Love is CHF 3’200 + VAT (approx. USD 3’600 / EUR 3’300 + VAT). Deliveries will take place from April to September 2024.


To find out more about the MB&F M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise stated are © MB&F SA 2018. All rights reserved.

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