New watch release, the Zenith Elite Moonphase collection

New watch release, the Zenith Elite Moonphase collection

Today we are introducing a new release, the Zenith Elite Moonphase collection for women. This year at the inaugural edition of the LVMH Watch Week in Dubai, Zenith introduces a wide variety of watches including DEFY Midnight, Pilot Type 20 Rescue, and A384 Revival.

In this article, we introduce the newly revamped, unisex Elite Moonphase collection.

Like we said in our earlier article about the Elite Classic collection, one of the best things about this new collection is the radiant sunburst pattern against minimalistic design of the cases. Once you have the watch on your wrist, with every movement, this sun-ray pattern bounces the light and creates a visual spectacle.

The dials are also three-dimensional, a feature enhanced by the faceted and polished, and tapered hour markers.

S2ZENITH Elite 36mm PR 1 Scaled

Why this is special

Zenith seems to be taking advantage of the often untouched market of unisex watches.

Brands usually either introduce a dedicated men’s line — like Rolex Datejust — and then introduce a smaller dimensioned watch for ladies — like Rolex Lady Datejust — or release a completely new ladies only collection (like Vacheron Constantin Egerie or even Zenith’s own DEFY Midnight).

SZENITH Elite Duo 872x1024
Image courtesy ©Zenith

But by updating the existing Elite collection into an unisex collection, Zenith is looking at potentially cornering this niche market of unisex watches.

The collection is divided up into Elite Classic and Elite Moonphase, and within these two categories they are further split up into two sizes —36mm and 40.5mm, with both sizes catering to men and women.

The Elite Moonphase Range

If the Classic collection symbolises day with its sunburst pattern that flirts so beautifully with the light, then the Moonphase collection celebrates night-time by bringing out the enchanting beauty of the moon. 

A midnight blue circle on the lower half of the sunburst pattern dial takes on the same tone as the moonphase disk, giving the impression of an oversized display of the golden moon and stars. 

SZENITH Elite 36mm
Image courtesy ©Zenith

Visually, besides the added complication, the Moonphase collection is also different from the Classic range as it introduces a sense of asymmetry to the dials. And as such, like the namesake, Classic collection gets reserved for those who appreciate things conventional, while the Moonphase collection has a more bold, youthful appeal to it.  

The Variations

Elite Moonphase 40.5 slate-grey toned with sun-ray-pattern, reference 03.3100.692/03.C923 in stainless steel costing 6’900 CHF.

Elite Moonphase 36 slate-grey toned with sun-ray-pattern, reference 16.3200.692/03.C833 in Stainless steel with diamond-set bezel costing 8’900 CHF.

Elite Moonphase 40.5 silver toned with sun-ray-pattern, reference 18.3100.692/01.C922 in 18ct Rose gold costing 13’900 CHF.

Elite Moonphase 36 silver toned with sun-ray-pattern, reference 22.3200.692/01.C832 in rose gold with diamond-set bezel costing 15’900 CHF.

The Specifications 

The heart used in the Zenith Elite Moonphase range — Elite 692 — is a self-winding automatic ultra-thin movement powering a moonphase indication and featuring crown-adjusted moonphase indication & stop second mechanism. It beats at the frequency of 4Hz (28’800 A/h) allowing for a decent 48 hour power reserve.

The watch face shows the functions of hours and minutes in the centre, small second at 9’o clock, and the moonphase indication at 6’o clock. The hour markers and the sharp and slim “Dauphine” shaped hands are rhodium lated and faceted in the steel versions and gold plated and faceted in the gold versions. The bezel when not plain has 75 VS brilliant-cut diamonds (~0.60 cts).

SZENITH Elite 40mm
Image courtesy ©Zenith

The water resistance is an okay 50m (5 ATM) on all versions.

To make these watches customisable, this range also features a wide range of easily swappable straps.

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It? 

In terms of use, we would say these are definitely daily wearers, especially the ones without diamonds on bezels. These ones also will appeal to both men and women, and the Elite Moonphase 40.5 in slate-grey dial is our favourite. All of these new watches can be either dressed up or down, and to include such versatility in a watch design, is impressive. 

If we were to pick a watch and say this is the perfect watch for couples to share, we would highly recommend the new Zenith Elite Moonphase collection. It is understated yet elegant, conventional yet modern. 

For more information of these watches and other Zenith watches, head to their website here