New watch release MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT is a beast of horological machine

New watch release MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT is a beast of horological machine

The new 2020 watch release MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT is a wrist device in a class of its own.

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT – the GPHG wonder

Now released without diamonds —that’s right men, after last year’s GPHG acknowledged version for ladies, this is the version for men — it takes a certain kind of person to be able to pull off this watch, but undoubtably any person would agree it is a beast of a horological wonder. 

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT
Courtesy ©MB&F SA 2018

Just as a side note, when we say sans diamonds, we mean it’s not like Prix de la Complication pour Dame winning watch at the 2019 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. That said, it does have a diamond connection. At the top of the flying tourbillon movement there exists a single 0.035-carat stone that rotates in time with the underlying mechanism.

Go on, buy both, make my day. 

Founder Maximilian Büsser’s Legacy Machine FlyingT is now offered in two limited editions of 18 pieces each. The difference is essentially in the case materials that represent different times of the day.

First up is the 18K red gold case with black guilloché dial — both version dials executed by longtime MB&F collaborator Kari Voutilainen — that represents the night.

Second option is the platinum 950 case with sky-blue guilloché dial, representing the day (our favourite of the two).

They are both stunning in their own rights, and (ignoring the costs of 105’000 USD [red gold] & 116’000 USD [platinum]) the only question is, which one are you going to buy? 

The Movement

The heart used — calibre FlyingT — is an automatic winding, three-dimensional vertical architecture movement conceived and developed in-house by MB&F. It beats at the low frequency of 2.5Hz (18’000 A/h). It comprises of 30 jewels, features 280 components and boasts of a very impressive 100 hours power reserve.

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT
Courtesy ©MB&F SA 2018

The movement is encased inside a 38.5mm diameter and a massive 20.00mm thick polished 5N+ 18k red gold or platinum 950 case. 

The case in covered by a high domed — giving the watch most of its 20mm thickness — sapphire crystal on top with anti-reflective coating on both sides, anda sapphire crystal on the display case-back. Through this case-back one can view the automatic winding rotor that takes the shape of a three-dimensional red gold sun with sculpted rays.

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT
Courtesy ©MB&F SA 2018

The case has two crowns, with the left one used for winding and the right one for time-setting.

The Dial 

The watch face shows a flying tourbillon and the traditional functions of hours and minutes but displayed on a 50° vertically titled dial with two blued serpentine hands. 

LM Flying T Engine Profile Lres
Courtesy ©MB&F SA 2018

The dial is a product of a different planet altogether it seems. There is something very futuristic about it. 

But besides the look, is the execution of the guilloché pattern that’s got us bowled over. 

This guilloché plate features a radial pattern of scalloped arches — the unique scalloped design of the dial is created by manually engraving a brass disc with a hand-guided rose engine — that draw the eye towards the cinematic heart of the in-house developed movement. 

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT
Courtesy ©MB&F SA 2018

The guilloché pattern is executed to the point of lunatic brilliancy. It is absolutely stunning.

At the foot of the flying tourbillon, located at the 7’o clock position, is a dial of white lacquer that displays the hours and minutes with a pair of blue serpentine hands. 

Fun fact: the dial is inclined at a 50° tilt so that the time can be read only by the wearer. 

To complete this futuristic look, the watches come on calf or alligator leather straps with red gold or platinum pin buckles matching the case.

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It?

The new 2020 watch release MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT is a beast that can’t simply be caged inside traditional categories of dress watches or sports watches. 

Both the versions scream exclusivity, and they will turn heads anywhere. 

If you can rock them, and have the finances, they would make for an amazing addition to any one’s collection. 

Besides the dial and the movement we have spoken about above, the other exceptional aspect about these new watches is the size: 38.5mm. And the exclusion of diamonds. 

Needless to say, these additional aspects open up the market considerably for this release, making these now preferred amongst man or even suitable for both the sexes. 

Given that the watches are limited edition of 18 piece each, we would say if you love these, time to act would be now.

For more information on this watch and other MB&F watches, head to their website here.