The watchmaking world has elapsed into a pit of doom. Beaming a ray of positivity is IWC with its “Time Well Shared” initiative

The watchmaking world has elapsed into a pit of doom. Beaming a ray of positivity is IWC with its “Time Well Shared” initiative 

Like a lotus, IWC rises amongst the negativity surrounding not only the Swiss watch industry but the world a whole. 

As the world continues to descend into chaos reeling under the grip of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the business world has been finding it difficult to grapple with its existence. From thousands being laid off to thousands suffering, there is a fair amount of negativity that exists around us today. 

It is then vital for businesses to dig themselves out of the misery hole and introduce some positivity, in whatever form they can.

IWC Schaffhausen’s new initiate, “Time Well Shared” is one such gesture. 

Time Well Shared
Image courtesy ©IWC Schaffhausen

The Nice Bit 

Through this initiative, IWC employees, brand ambassadors and partners will share their time, knowledge, experience and passion through digital channels. 

In this period of uncertainty and isolation, IWC aims to inspire people to make the most of their time, and entertain and support them by keeping them connected and engaged.

Time Well Shared
Image courtesy ©IWC Schaffhausen

“Time Well Shared” is looking at the following ways to spread its voice

  • Online lectures, speeches and webinars that IWC will publish on digital channels during the following weeks.
  • The initiative will include contributions from IWC brand ambassadors like Tom Brady, Fabian Cancellara, David Coulthard and Maro Engel and partners such as Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1, Tottenham Hotspur, Laureus Sport for Good, Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation, Solaris Yachts and Orlebar Brown.
  • Pilot Matt Jones will share memories of last year’s “Silver Spitfire – The Longest Flight” expedition. 
  • Retired US Navy Captain and TOPGUN pilot Jim DiMatteo will elaborate on Navy Fighter Squadron values like performance, resilience and precision in business. 
  • David Seyffer, curator of the IWC Museum, will give insights into the history of IWC.
  • Former Director of Marketing and Sales, Hannes Pantli, will divulge some never-before-told IWC stories.
Time Well Shared
Image courtesy ©IWC Schaffhausen

The Extra Nice Bit

Each time IWC presents something as part of this initiative, it will be accompanied by a button to make voluntary donations, with IWC making the first donation. 

With the funds raised, IWC will support Save the Children, a foundation that aims to strengthen its programmes that protect children and families in countries that are hit by the virus, increase support for national health systems, and raise awareness among parents and caregivers on how to provide psychosocial support to children.

Time Well Shared
Image courtesy ©IWC Schaffhausen

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It

In these tough times, we commend IWC Schaffhausen’s efforts on trying to induce some positive dialogue. 

This is a great initiative not just for the lovers of the brand, but even for anyone who is interested in the world of watchmaking. 

In 1868, the American watchmaker and entrepreneur Florentine Ariosto Jones travelled from Boston to Switzerland and founded the ‘International Watch Company’ in Schaffhausen. 

And while there are travel restrictions currently in place for people, this is one initiative you can be a part of while staying safe and isolated.  

For more information on these watches and other IWC Schaffhausen watches, head to their website here.

To find out more about Save the Children, head here.

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Image courtesy ©IWC Schaffhausen