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Presenting the new heights of bespoke wrist luxury: Farfetch meets Mad Paris to present classic customised one-of-a-kind watches

With Farfetch meets Mad Paris, it’s time to unleash that design that was embedded deep in your psyche onto to your wrist.

Presenting the new heights of bespoke wrist luxury: Farfetch meets Mad Paris to present classic customised one-of-a-kind watches

Today we are tackling something a bit different. Instead of reviewing any specific new watch release, we are placing in the limelight an e-commerce platform that is bound to appeal to our readers. It’s Farfetch meets Mad Paris

Now there are two reasons why the following feature is important for the watch enthusiast and collectors alike. 

One, the world of online shopping or e-commerce is both more relevant and prevalent in the world grappling with Covid-19. True, numerous players have entered the field since the beginning of 2000s, and some have faded away with time while some have continued to grow stronger. Out of these, only few sell luxury watches, and out of this tiny percentage even less can claim to be reliable and authentic sources. As far as my knowledge goes, Farfetch is one of them. For the uninitiated, Farfetch is an online luxury fashion retail platform that was founded in 2007.

The second reason is its tie-up with MAD Paris. How many of you have always desired to have a truly customised watch, that looks completely different from any other watch out there? That is a reflection of your watch style, a mirror of your personality. MAD Paris provides with the platform to help unleash your creativity. Granted it is not an authorised dealer, but collectors for whom money is no object aren’t looking for a warranty card. They are looking for exclusive pieces, and this is where MAD Paris hits the sweet spot. 

Bring customisable watches to your desktop, is the Farfetch meets Mad Paris concept. You can find MAD Paris pieces on the Farfetch platform here

Here are a few examples of what’s available on Farfetch and what the MAD Paris crew can do. 

MAD Paris Rolex Daytona Openwork SK II Watch

“The Rolex Daytona was originally used to measure land speed by racing drivers. The original design stood out due to the contrasting colours of the chronograph sub-dials against the main dial. For this particular piece, we’ve applied what we call skeletonisation, where sections of the dial are removed to show the mechanism behind. This concept is for our MAD Collection, which is a higher level of customisation – every component of the watch can be modified and decorated.”

Farfetch meets Mad Paris

MAD Paris Customised Rolex Daytona Watch

“Another Daytona, this time with a rubber strap and lotus-engraved buckle and case. This example is from our Jewelry collection, which features pieces set with black, white or rainbow diamonds and sapphires, in shapes ranging from round brilliant and baguette to princess cut. This example shows our popular Rainbow Bezel, consisting of 36 multicoloured baguette-cut sapphires and round-cut diamonds on the dial, providing the wearer with something truly unique.” 

Farfetch meets Mad Paris
Farfetch meets Mad Paris

MAD Paris Customised Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Watch

“The Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus, named after Captain Nemo’s submarine in the Jules Verne book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, was designed by Gérald Genta. Considered one of the most renowned watch designers of our time, he was also responsible for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. In the 1970s, Patek Philippe wanted a refined sports watch that catered to luxury watch enthusiasts. Genta’s original illustration was rich with nautical references that he knew would appeal to Henri Stern, the owner of Patek Philippe and a passionate sailor. Genta took inspiration from the hinged portholes on ocean liners and modified it into the Nautilius’ now-iconic case shape.”

Farfetch meets Mad Paris
Farfetch meets Mad Paris

Go, it’s time to unleash that design that was embedded deep in your psyche onto your wrist. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. We are not affiliated with any of these websites. We cannot vouch for or validate the authenticity of any of these pieces. We simply appreciate the idea of being able to customise watches.

To find out more about Mad Paris, please head here. To find out more about Farfetch, please head here. All images courtesy Farfetch and all quotes courtesy The MAD Paris team.

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