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Say Hello To The New Christopher Ward Website

So if you are someone who likes to shop online or at-least likes to find out more from the horses mouth, check out the new Christopher Ward website.

Say hello to the new Christopher Ward website

Introducing the fresh looks of the new Christopher Ward website.

Ever felt that watch brands should enter the present age and have a digital presence that’s not only easy to navigate but also fresh and contemporary on appeal? How many have you visited a watch brand website, or any retail fashion website for that matter, fully intending to part with some cash, and left without any transactions as the website just won’t cooperate? I know I have. 

In an increasingly fast-paced digital world the last thing I want is some website taking forever to load, and then making the process of exploring more about their own products harder. I won’t name names but there are some esteemed brands, both watch and luxury fashion, on whose website finding anything is simply impossible. They will take you through a maze of content that’s very irrelevant, and then you would find just one, only one picture of the watch/product you are looking for. I mean don’t the brands realise that the more relevant information they provide, the more customers are likely to appreciate that product. ‘Relevant’ of-course is an imperative word here. 

But you get the point, don’t you? Watch brands should have an easy to navigate online portals. And some do. Adding itself to this small, elite list of websites with a good online experience is one of the first watch brands to embrace the online sales genre, Christopher Ward. Say hello to the new Christopher Ward website

new Christopher Ward website

The Context 

Following hot on the heels of their first-ever TV ad campaign and the release of watches such as C60 Sapphire and C65 GMT Worldtimer, the ever-evolving British has now launched a revamped immersive digital flagship, the new Christopher Ward website. 

They have used the expertise of the digital commerce consultancy called Tryzens, and have the new website powered by Salesforce. The idea is to have a website that’s customer-friendly and also provides for a seamless experience across a variety of mediums such as mobile, tablet and desktop. Besides featuring an online store, the new site also offers a wealth of editorial content thanks to the digitalisation of Loupe (the brand’s in-house magazine).    

“The ambitions we have for Christopher Ward requires us, as the world’s leading online-only premium watch brand, to deliver a world-class brand and shopping experience for our customers. Our new site is a huge step towards the achievement of those ambitions,” Mike France, CEO and Co-founder

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It

We took the new Christopher Ward website for a spin briefly, and enjoyed the experience. We haven’t obviously clicked through every link or made a purchase to validate these claims, but the time we spent on the website was easily manageable and all information we were looking for seemed to be readily available. I personally liked their footer, where the prices in different currencies can be easily changed. This said footer also had simple links to their social media, which again meant providing for easy accessibility. 

Big, bold photos take centre stage, and it’s got a much more updated, modern, contemporary look and aesthetic to it. If there was one word I would define it by, it would be clean. It’s a neat, clean, well laid out, easy to navigate website. 

So if you are someone who likes to shop online for watches, or at-least likes to find out more from the horse’s mouth, check out the new Christopher Ward website. All images Courtesy © 2016 Christopher Ward (London) Ltd.

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