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GTTP: Preview Of The New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

The new UNDONE Wonder Woman 1984 launching this month is the brands newest ladies watch collection with lots of cool nods to the movie.

GTTP: Preview Of The New Undone Wonder Woman 1984 

Editor’s Note: Don’t have time to be reading the Editor’s Note, do we? Short-attention span, have we? Just need a quick watch fix? This preview of the new Undone Wonder Woman 1984 is a GET TO THE POINT (GTTP) review with all the info you want / need to know QUICK. Let’s get to the point.

New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

What is it: The new Undone Wonder Woman 1984 collection in two colour segues, blue and red, or as the brand likes to call them sapphire and ruby

Why: Because Undone lacked a second ladies watch collection and to mark the release of the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie

When released: 22 December 2020 

Where: Online for $299 USD, available via Undone website here

Who is it for: According to the brand it “pays tribute to Wonder Woman and every woman on this planet”

New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

How does it do: It’s got a dainty look to it, a certain delicate appearance. Given these are watches solely hinted for women, I can see where the brand is coming from but merely chucking in a quartz movement just because it’s a ladies watch is not cool. To give credit where it’s due, we really like the look of the sunburst dial that is adorned with commendable references to the world of Wonder Woman:

New Undone Wonder Woman 1984
  • Presence of an eight-pointed star topped with a genuine diamond at 12’o clock, a symbol seen on Wonder Woman’s tiara
  • The Wonder Woman emblem — the golden eagle — can be seen at the counterweight of the seconds hand
  • Only two numerals on the dial, the applied indices marking 8 and 4 that serve as an homage to the movie Wonder Woman 1984
  • The watch comes on a classy leather strap and a double tour strap that is a re-imagination of Wonder Woman’s sandals
New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

It’s simple and elegant with enough cool nods to the world of Wonder Woman to justify the cost of $299 USD. It also releases in line with the movie releasing, and should help in increasing the buzz for it. And if only they had included a mechanical movement under the hood, I would have recommended it as well. 

New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

Missing: I like how they look, that’s for sure. But for a brand that says in its press release that the “celebration of a woman’s role in modern society–rising above social norms to becoming the figure that is every bit as capable as any other counterparts”, it sure is hypocritical to not include a mechanical movement when a majority of their men’s Superhero watches feature mechanical movements such as NH35a. Men’s watches at the very least use the mechanical-quartz hybrid Japanese TMI VK64 movements. Look, don’t get me wrong, I like Undone watches. We in fact undertook a 5000+ word review of the Undone Basecamp, showering praise on it. But you gotta call a spade a spade

New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

Basic Specs: The New Undone Wonder Woman 1984 collection features the 10 1/2 Ligne diameter Seiko SII VH31 Japanese quartz movement — which as far as I know beats at 4 ticks per second (2 Hz) — with a sweep seconds hand. The movement is encased inside a 34m diameter and 11mm thick 316L stainless steel case with PVD coating in rose gold that is water-resistant to only 30m and is covered by a hardened domed K1 Crystal instead of a more scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. I also wouldn’t mind seeing this watch in a thinner case, given they are trying to appeal to the feminine audience

New Undone Wonder Woman 1984

To find out more about the new Undone Wonder Woman 1984 and other Undone watches, please head to their website here. To purchase these watches, please head here. We may earn a commission from any links on this page at no extra cost to you, and we do not let this influence our editorial opinion. All images unless otherwise stated are courtesy UNDONE ©2020

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