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Better Together: Take Home The Ultimate Couples Timepiece With Our Undone Terra Daybreak Watch Giveaway

In the same spirit, the Undone Terra Daybreak is a stunning, fair-priced watch, With Lume-filled daylight on its dial; Look how well it sits on my wrist, with a smooth gliding second’s hand, To lure me into wearing it. 

Better Together: Take Home The Ultimate Couples Timepiece With Our Undone Terra Daybreak Watch Giveaway

Editor’s note: For our second watch giveaway, courtesy of Undone Watches, we present the review of the Undone Terra Daybreak. To be in the running for winning this versatile, well-built unisex watch for absolutely free, all you need to do is look at the criteria that we have listed at the end of this review. But don’t skip the review, because there are three simple questions at the end that you need to respond to. The answers lie somewhere in the review. Happy hunting and good luck … 

Undone Terra Daybreak

The Dawn Of Your Watch Collection 

I stand on the balcony of my apartment watching the glory of dawn spreading its cover on the world around me. The birds are migrating for the day, the flocks chirping and the flapping wings making a quiet racket. The sun is making its presence felt, slowly making its ascent with renewed enthusiasm. The morning dew is glistening off my balcony rails, the fresh aroma of nature enchanting the senses. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

A plane flies by. Then another. The sun rises, from behind the haphazard Sydney skyline, peeking in instalments, and then hiding again, lost in the concrete jungle. Some clouds float by, and I catch a glimpse of sun-rays being absorbed by the fluffy water bodies. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

On a cold winter morning, the impending heat is welcome. There is a glow, that begins a bit faded, then like a shy child finding the nerves and confidence in a new friend, bursts on the scene with enthusiastic vigour. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

In the distance, I can see a local landmark, the Sydney Fish Markets with its adjoining waters allowing the sunlight to gently caress its silky-wavy body. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

The rather blacked-out asphalt road, still pretty empty, waits to shoulder the weight of the morning traffic rush. On this empty street, the sun shines, waking it up along with everything else it touches.  

Undone Terra Daybreak

This simple, clean beauty where you can see the buildings and the asphalt roads being illuminated by the morning sun is replicated on the dial of the Undone Terra Daybreak. Against a grained, stark black background, you have a bold, highly legible dial, and together with the two different coloured lume-filled hour markers and hands, the watch is ready to reveal whatever mysteries the day ahead unravels.

Undone Terra Daybreak

There is a Maya Angelou quote that reads: “Leaving behind nights of terror and fear, I rise. Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear, I rise”. With the Terra collection, for the price of only 395 USD (~500 AUD), Undone gives watch enthusiasts the chance to leave behind nights of unaffordable watch buying fears, and crystal clear-like daybreak gives them the opportunity to rise, and shine their horological game. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

Legible and powered by Seiko’s NH35A mechanical movement, these unisex watches with their rather distinct tortoise shaped case bring to the wrist a vintage meets contemporary charm. For the price of 500 bucks, what more could you want? And as an added bonus, this one is for free for one lucky giveaway winner from Australia.

Undone Terra Daybreak

As for my day, the city lights begin to dim, turning off as Sydney begins to rise. The moon will soon be a memory. But like the lume on the watch, there is comfort in knowing that it will be there when darkness pays a visit again.

Undone Terra Daybreak

The Brand 

Started by famed vintage Rolex expert Michael Young, Undone began its journey in April 2014 with the launch of the Aqua collection, and then in September 2016 came the defining moment that saw them raise HK$ 1,960,430 in a Kickstarter Campaign. Started by a team of three men, Undone overall has 6 core collections — Terra, Urban, Urban 34, Aero, Basecamp & Aqua II — with Urban 34 being targeted towards women and Terra towards both men and women. 

UNDONE Customised 5
My customised Basecamp Cali

They also have an array of cool collaborations — just as a side note I personally purchased their recent LE Tom & Jerry JINX watch — that includes the likes of Batman & Popeye themed models among others.

UNDONE Customised 36
My personal Tom & Jerry watch

As the brand lacked a unisex watch in their collection, the Terra collection was released online in November 2020 with two main versions: Terra Daybreak and Terra Nightfall

UNDONE Terra Collection 8
UNDONE © 2021

The Undone Terra Daybreak is a no-nonsense military-style 24-hour dial watch to complete any day or night outfit. Although it is similar to their Batman: Caped Crusader and Batman: Dark Knight watch cases, the lugs are smoother and flow nicely from the case, unlike the aforementioned Batman editions which had lugs that seemingly wanted nothing to do with the rest of the case. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

Couples Therapy 

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same,” said Emily Brontë. Undone Terra Daybreak is perhaps the quintessential unisex watch south of the 500 dollar mark and works well for a range of watch enthusiasts. 

Undone Terra Daybreak
The Can’t Stop Buying Watches Bloke

It’s a great watch for The Bloke who is in the habit of buying watches uncontrollably and his lady love is not happy about it. You win this watch, and even though you like it, you gift it to her instead. She is happy, you are off the hook for a while, and given the Undone Terra has a great unisex vibe, who can ‘steal it’ back from her later (winky face). 

Undone Terra Daybreak

Slyness aside, on the Undone Terra Daybreak you find a beautiful balance of monochromatic colours on the face of the watch and the infill of the hands and hour markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 with an aged lume colour. Its well-built body and beater of a movement for only 500 bucks ensures that this is one purchase you partner may not have an issue with.

Undone Terra Daybreak
The Woman (Or The Man) In The Know 

The Lady who is wanting to wear a non-tech watch and also wants a ‘proper’ — non-quartz — watch. It’s also for The Man who is wanting to get more into watches and wishes to test the waters with a mechanical watch that doesn’t break the bank. 

Undone Terra Daybreak
On my wife’s 15cm-ish wrist

The Undone Terra features a Japanese NH35A automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. The 27.4mm diameter and 5.32mm thick movement comprises of 24 jewels, beats at the frequency of 3Hz (21,600 Vph), is tested by the brand to +/-15 secs p/day accuracy, and offers the functions of hours, minutes and central seconds. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

This movement usually comes in a three-hand version and uses the Diashock absorption system that’s trusted by Seiko. Usually there is also a date calendar option with these movements, which Undone has opted to forgo on this occasion and that adds more balance to the design.

The NH35A is a very common, reliable, workhorse Japanese movement that I see no issues with. Lots of brands such as Invicta, Seiko, Spinnaker use it liberally and frequently. So as a movement, it is absolutely fine and trustworthy, especially at this price point. 

Undone Terra Daybreak
Mr. Grey Hair Will See You Now 

It’s also a nice offering for The Gentleman who has seen time for far too long and whose eyesight is not what it used to be; the Undone Terra Daybreak is a highly legible timepiece with a ‘field watch’ personality to it. Lightweight at only 70g with the strap, it is simple, not oversized for the older generation but also not too small to not fit in the context of the day.

Undone Terra Daybreak
Next to another field watch – both highly legible timepieces
The Eccentric Dude 

Undone is known for customised watches and has a knack for deconstructing the individual taste for horology, one watch at a time. 

It is an excellent brand for The Dude who prides his individuality and likes things customised (though that’s more generic about the brand and not relevant to this particular giveaway offering as this is not specifically customised). We have another review of the Undone Basecamp watch that goes into depth on how this customisation works (for new purchases). 

Undone Terra Daybreak

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference,” wrote the American poet Robert Frost. Undone watches on the whole allow you to have the freedom of not copying everyone else by buying the same watch as everyone else. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

Last year I reviewed the Undone Basecamp and found it to be different to any watch I have personally owned. One of the best aspects of that watch was the ultra-rare mixture of good build quality, exceptional customisable features and an absolute smacking of a bargain price. All these are also reflected in the Undone Terra collection. 

In short, the Undone Terra Daybreak is well built, exceptional value for money, and caters to your own personality. 

Undone Terra Daybreak
Mr & Mrs Sensible 

The Undone Terra Daybreak is also for that couple that’s always trying to be economical and buy things that both of them can use. A multipurpose piece is right up their alley. Though talking from experience, usually decisions about buying something that pleases both end up in having arguments, and most well but economical watches these days end up being dive watches. 

Undone Terra Daybreak
On my wife’s wrist
Undone Terra Daybreak
On my nearly 16cm wrist

The Undone Terra Daybreak is something both can share and enjoy. The Terra due to its design can by simple strap changes go from being a field watch to a weekend watch to a dress watch. The watch by nature of its field watch aesthetics is a bit masculine, yet due to its size and the tartaruga (tortoise) shaped case adds a versatile appeal. 

The execution of the case and finishings is rather impressive; the case is not only robust but features a number of alternating finishes that lend it a distinctive personality: the top of the bezel is vertically brushed, adding to the tool watch vibe and complementing the grained black ‘no-nonsense’ dial. The sides of the bezel including the top of the lugs are all beautifully finished with a striking polished surface. Contrasting this polishing is the brushed side of the lugs and case-band, and then finally the lower part of the case is again polished. 

UNDONE Terra Daybreak 19
Undone Terra Daybreak
Undone Terra Daybreak

It’s rather unique shape is perhaps is best feature. It’s different from a sea of dive watches, something that can be noticed and even be a conversation starter.

On The Wrist 

Owing to the only 29mm diameter dial, the watch looks much more compact when viewed up close, but thanks to the cushion-shaped case and 40.4mm case diameter including the crown, it’s got a great presence even for larger wrists. 

UNDONE Terra Daybreak 24
Undone Terra Daybreak

The 43.3mm lug-to-lug spacing means that it fits nicely on both Jacqui’s 15cm wrist and my nearly 16cm wrist, and while the 12.8mm thickness is not really small, but once it’s on the wrist, the watch doesn’t protrude obtrusively and will also fit nicely under a cuff.

The one thing I don’t like is the truncated hour hand that just looks chopped off.

UNDONE Terra Daybreak 45

The watch comes on rugged and tough looking but supple brown leather strap with a welcome quick-release mechanism and fits the useful 20mm lug inter-horn spacing of the case.

UNDONE Terra Daybreak 16

Ticks The Right Boxes 

For the lovers of daily wearable watches, a number of features make the Undone Terra Daybreak an excellent offering: 

  • The inclusion of a double-domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • 50m water-resistance
Undone Terra Daybreak
  • 316L stainless steel case that a lot of well-known Swiss watch brands use
  • Comes inside a nice package that’s good for travelling and also doesn’t take up too much space
Undone Terra Daybreak
  • The incorporation of easy to swap straps with quick-release with the brand offering multiple options (at additional costs)
  • I particularly like that the watch comes with 2-coloured lume offerings: the hour numbers illuminate in blue, and the thick indices along with the triangle at 12 and the hour & minute hands all light up in green
UNDONE Terra Daybreak 30
  • Another aspect that I appreciate is the attention to detail with the buckle design matching that of the case, even including a mixture of brushed and polished surfaces
UNDONE Terra Daybreak 20
  • Last but not the least is the somewhat oversized 7mm diameter crown that is easy to use. It features polished knurling on the sides and an engraved logo in the middle
  • And even though the movement is not decorated or anything, it’s good to know that it’s visible especially for those who would like to see the heart beat
Undone Terra Daybreak

That’s All Folks! 

In a nutshell, the Undone Terra Daybreak is the perfect choice for both sexes, both seasoned and new watch enthusiasts, and in this particular case, also for those who like free stuff. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

I will wrap this up with a Robert Loveman quote: “The Dawn is a wild, fair woman, With sunrise in her hair; Look where she stands, with pleading hands, To lure me there”. 

In the same spirit, the Undone Terra is a stunning, fair-priced watch, With Lume-filled Daybreak on its dial; Look how well it sits on my wrist, with a smooth gliding second’s hand, To lure me into wearing it. 

Undone Terra Daybreak

For more information on Undone watches, please head to their website here. For information on the Giveaway, please read below. All images unless otherwise specified are ©Watch Ya Gonna Do About It and are of the exact same timepiece that we are giving away courtesy Undone watches. 

How to win the Undone Terra Daybreak

Submit your details below and like us and Undone Watches on Instagram to go in the running to win this Undone Terra Daybreak watch. By submitting your details you are signing up for the Watch Ya Gonna Do About It newsletter as well as the Undone Watches newsletter. See our Instagram post here for full terms to enter as well as ways to get extra entries.

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Bonus Giveaway Entries Questions

To get bonus entries to our giveaway, answer the below questions via direct message to us on Instagram

Question 1: How many quotations from other writers / personalities have we specifically used? 

Question 2: Which Sydney landmark do we specifically refer to?

Question 3: Which Undone cartoon character(s) watch do I personally own: Popeye & Olive Oyl, Tom & Jerry, Batman & Robin, or Mickey & Friends

Thank you everyone for participating and best of luck.

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