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Sensual Seduction: Raise Your Horological Game With The Uplifting Power Of The New Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

Just like Gustav Klimt’s colourful and golden hued erotic art, the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes is seduction for the senses. 

Editor’s note: Ever since we went hands-on with (and bought) Alexander Shorokhoff’s Kandy and Levels timepieces, we are hooked to the brand’s charismatic avant-garde designing. Here’s our preview and a quick Gut Reaction Review (Grr…) of their latest art-inspired timepiece, the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes. For our standard detailed hands-on reviews, please head to our dedicated reviews section here.

Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

Gut Reaction 

The new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes is a true piece of art, one that invites you in with the grandeur of Gustav Klimt’s ‘Golden Period’ of art, the vivid display of enthusiasm through colours, and the eroticism of the organic shapes. 

Free-flowing forms and curvy lines dictate the mood of the dial. There is colour no doubt, in fact lots of it. But it’s that sense of avant-garde artistry that we have come to expect and love from the brand that really amazes you with the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes. 

 Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

Some Context 

The brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary and marking this milestone is the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes inspired by the works of celebrated painter Gustav Klimt. Klimt for those who may not have heard of him, was an Austrian artist, known for a style that mixed decorative works with a sense of eroticism.

Alexander Shorokhoff takes inspiration from Klimt’s body of work and presents a watch dial that fuses multiple layers and materials (including mother-of-pearl inlay at 9’o clock, brass and luminous in-fills). 

Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

The Watch 

Talking about the timepiece itself, the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes ref. AS.LCD-CRS02 is a very wearable even-for-smaller-wrists 39 x 13.2mm yellow gold-plated stainless steel cased beauty. Water-resistant to 50m, it also features a display case-back exhibiting a decently decorated movement and also features a watch collector friendly 20mm lug interhorn spacing for ease of strap changes. Limited to only 30-pieces, the watch comes on a red or yellow stingray strap with engraved solid stainless steel pin buckle and retails for 1995 Euro. There is also a stainless steel version but that has sold out at the time of writing. 

The dial of course is the star of the show here, and as far as I am concerned, there seems to be a lot of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss meets The Tree of Life in the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes.

1024px Gustav Klimt 016
The Kiss

The Kiss depicts two lovers in an embrace, surrounded by nature and golden light. The Tree of Life is an extensive golden work, that like the The Kiss showcases organic undulating shapes and bursts of colours.

The yellow gold-plated case of the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes in this writer’s opinion harks to themes of these two Gustav Klimt’ paintings, with the artist’s ‘Golden Period’-era vibes — where he used excessive measures of gold in his works including gold leaf — present loud and clear. 

Klimt Tree Of Life 1909
The Tree Of Life

On the dial, again the elaborate use of golden yellows carries this theme forward; the free-flowing curved lines on the dial remind you of the body of the lady in the painting from The Kiss, and the generous use of the multi-coloured circular-esque organic bright floral motifs are present both on the dial of the watch and the lady’s dress in The Kiss

Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

Then there is of course the namesake bi-compax layout counters in the form of two ‘crazy eyes’ that physically denote the running small seconds and a chronograph counter and symbolically in the brand’s own words showcase “a sense of joy, enthusiasm and mobility, literally dancing on the scene of the shiny dial”. 

Last but not the least there is that number “60” at 12’o clock that has come to be the defining aesthetic feature on most Alexander Shorokhoff timepieces. Here it is symbolic of the “60 minutes of an hour and the up-and-coming time of the arts in the 60s”. 

Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

The Engine

As was the case with the recently launched AS Karo 3, the other interesting aspect of the new Alexander Shorokhoff Karo 3 is the movement used. The new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes features the manual winding calibre 3133.AS that  is essentially a Russian Poljot 3133 movement that has been extensively hand-refined.

Alexander Shorokhoff Karo 3 7 1024x754
Karo 3

This 31mm diameter and 7.38mm thick movement beats at the low frequency of 3Hz (21’600 A/h), comprises 23 jewels, offers a 42 hours — 36 hours with stop function activated — power reserve, should have an accuracy of -10 to +40 seconds per day, and powers the functions of centralised hours and minutes, chronograph hands and the stopwatch function. 

DSC 0119 Klein 1024x817

We have talked more about this movement earlier, and should you wish to read into it, please see here

Alexander Shorokhoff Karo 3 5 Edited
Same movement as seen above in Karo 3

That’s All Folks!

“Art is a line around your thoughts,” said Gustav Klimt. 

The latest timepiece from the artistic genius of the eponymous designer’s world draws new lines of adventure expanding horological boundaries, that treats its owners with the luxury of owning a thoughtful timepiece that’s both fun and unique. 

Just like Gustav Klimt’s colourful and golden hued erotic art, the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes is seduction for the senses. 

Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes

To find out more about the new Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes and other AS timepieces, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise specified are ©2021 Copyright Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH. Make sure to check out our reviews of Watches & Wonders 2021 releases here.

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