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Trail a clear flight path and defog your time with the German Design Award 2022 winning Sinn 717

Trail a clear flight path and defog your time with the new Sinn 717

Editor’s note: A version of this was first published on 3rd April 2021. For our other detailed hands-on reviews, please head to our dedicated reviews section here.

New Sinn 717

Gut Reaction

Look, I gotta be honest; I hadn’t heard of the Ar‑Dehumidifying Technology that is used here in the new Sinn 717 to prevent greater functional reliability by preventing fogging. For me, this has to be the first reaction and the main takeaway from this release. Sure there is that eye-catching orange central stopwatch display for seconds and minutes hand but the above tech is the most impressive part as it halts the the ageing of oils due to moisture in the air —  H2O is always present in the atmosphere in gaseous form and can penetrate the seal systems of a watch case — contained inside the watch. This Sinn technology makes use of a titanium drying capsule, Extreme Diffusion-Reducing (EDR) seals, and a protective gas filling. 

Moving beyond the impressive Ar‑Dehumidifying Technology, the other attraction is the clear legibility brought on by the stark contrast of numbers and indices coated with white luminescent colour on a matte black dial. The blackened case adds a stealth aesthetic and I also appreciate the attention to detail with the date window disc being blackened as well. The bursts of orange are welcome, both from a design and legibility perspective, and I like how the orange threading in the vintage-style black cowhide strap has been matched to complement the use of orange on the dial. 

New Sinn 717

The Award

The Sinn 717 wins in the “Excellent Product Design 2022” category, with the jury describing this watch as “combining the past with the future in the most stylish way and perfectly embodying the brand DNA of Sinn
Spezialuhren down to the last detail”.

By past they mean that the design of the Sinn 717 comes from the 1970s cockpit clocks and by future they mean that Sinn takes the classic cockpit clock functions and not only puts them in a wrist watch format but also includes a special bezel construction operated along with the sapphire.

Our heartiest congratulations to the brand on this success story.

The Watch 

The new Sinn 717 ref. 717.010 is a regular production release that features the in-house Movement SZ01which has been specially developed by Sinn and has been in the making since 2003. 

This 30mm diameter movement is based on the heroic ETA 7750 and the legendary Lemania 5100 movements, and based on the former, it should comprise of 25 jewels, beat at the frequency of 4Hz, and offer a 42-hour power reserve.

One of the special features of this movement is that they have mounted the jump 60-minute stopwatch hand in the centre of the dial to allow users to take accurate stop times even more quickly and simply. It has previously been used in other Sinn watches such as the Space Chronograph 140 St and Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF. 

New Sinn 717

The movement is encased inside a 45mm diameter and 15.3mm thick bead-blasted stainless steel case with a black hard coating on a TEGIMENT  Technology basis that weighs 114 gramme without the strap, features a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides and the brand’s Ar‑Dehumidifying Technology that enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging. The watch also features an internal pilot’s bezel with a luminous key mark. 

The case is waterproof and pressure-resistant to 200m (20 ATM or 20 bar)and meets the technical requirements for waterproofness, as set out in standard DIN 8310. The timepiece is also anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309. Man, talk about value and sturdiness.

Given the new Sinn 717 uses an in-house movement and the Ar Tech, the brand is offering a three-year warranty, one more than their usual.

View of New Sinn 717 from side
View of New Sinn 717 from side


A cockpit clock from 1970s, Nabo 17 ZM, provided the inspiration for the new Sinn 717 (and more on that below).


The brand provides the history of these watches: “Originally designed for the German Luftwaffe’s Tornado programme in the late 1970s, the Nabo 17 ZM was a cockpit clock with a central minute counter. These type of cockpit clocks are still used by the military today in Tornado multirole combat aircraft. They were also used in the F-104 Starfighter, the Breguet Atlantic – a long-range maritime patrol aircraft – and in military helicopters such as the Bölkow Bo 105. A special feature of these clocks was the start and reset buttons at the bottom of the case, as well as the easy-to-read orange hands of the chronograph’s central stopwatch display for seconds and minutes”.

New Sinn 717

Wish List

I am unsure how 45mm is going to sit on most wrists, given it’s not even a thin watch by any means and the brand hasn’t provided with lug-to-lug measurements. Also, the 42-hour power reserve should be a bit more. The calibre number is very subtly embossed or printed on the dial at 6’o clock, and again, I can’t tell from press-pictures if it’s actually relevant to the design.  I reckon this is one of those pieces that I have to test-drive before passing a final verdict.

New Sinn 717

That’s All Folks! 

Retailing for $8’120 AUD, the new Sinn 717 is not a cheap watch by any measure, but it sure is impressive in its own rights.

It evokes the design language of the cockpit dials from the 70s and also manages to appear as if it belongs in the modern age. For those with bigger wrists and lovers of the Sinn design language, and for those who appreciate the use of an in-house movement and the defogging tech, the new Sinn 717 is a strong offering. Whether you are a couch potato or a really active mountain trekker, how you spend your time only you can tell, but one thing is for sure: the new Sinn 717 allows you the freedom to trail a clear flight path and defog your time.

To find out more about the new Sinn 717 and other Sinn watches, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise specified are © Sinn / Copyright Sinn Spezialuhren. Make sure to check out our reviews of other Watches & Wonders 2021 releases here.

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