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Summer of ’69: Introducing The New Zenith DEFY Revival A3642

Editor’s Note: Need a quick watch fix? This preview of the new Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 is a GET TO THE POINT (GTTP) review with all the info you want / need to know QUICK. For our actual hands-on reviews, please head to the dedicated section here. Now let’s get to the point.

Zenith DEFY Revival A3642

What Is It

Yet another non-circular or square timepiece, the new Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 is launched with an octagonal case and 14-sided bezel.

Inside the 37mm diameter ref. 03.A3642.670/75.M3642 ticks the automatic winding calibre Elite 670. This 25.60mm diameter movement comprises 144 parts and 27 jewels, beats at the frequency of 4Hz, provides a decent (min.) 50 hour power reserved and features a new star-shaped oscillating weight with satin finishing alongside the escape wheel and pallet fork being made of silicon. 

Zenith DEFY Revival A3642

Even though it’s not a dive watch, it’s somewhat surprising that the Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 boasts of 300m water-resistance (and a screw-down crown). 

Sounds like the makings of an ideal vintage but daily wearable watch especially for those with slim wrists.

Zenith DEFY Revival A3642

Why & When

Don’t know if Bryan Adams or Zenith benefits more from the mystical year of 1969, but the latter’s play on nostalgia with the El Primero and Chronomaster Revival models has been so popular that Zenith continues it’s homage to 1969 with the new DEFY Revival A3642. 

“The A3642 was fittingly nicknamed the coffre-fort in French, which translates to “bank vault” or “safe-deposit box”. It’s bold, octagonal case paired with a fourteen-sided bezel is all about exhibiting audacity and ruggedness through sharply defined lines and facets with different finishes; something that has been distilled into the modern Zenith DEFY collection”

Press Release

Retailing for 6’900 CHF or 10’000 AUD, it was first announced on 17 January 2022 as a lead in to the third edition of the LVMH Watch Week 2022 (January 24 – 28, 2022).

Zenith DEFY Revival A3642


Just like the recent Zenith Chronomaster Revival Lupin The Third Final Edition, these are announced as a limited edition release of only 250-pieces.

In Sydney, both Gregory Jewellers and Swiss Concept are/used to be the Authorised dealers.

Who Is The Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 For

For someone who truly misses the 60s/70s and wants to relive that era but in modern age. For someone who wants a squeaky clean new watch but one that looks it been handed down for a couple of generations. The Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 has the eclectic mix of old and new design elements that should find home on any genuine horophile’s wrist.

How Does The Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 Do

The rather uncommon 14-sided bezel when paired with a gradient brown dial and steel ladder bracelet strikes quite a pose; it’s eye-catching for sure, and that 300m water-resistance is definitely welcome. 

I of course take offence to the 4.30 date aperture but that’s pretty generic for me; one of my pet peeves when it comes to watch designs though it’s pretty much standard issue equipment with most Zenith watches. But thankfully, its in line with the rhodium-plated and faceted hour markers. 

Zenith Defy Revival A3642 9 819x1024

To give credit where due, I appreciate the brand sticking to the original production plans from 1969. The wide sword-shaped hands are retained, and are generously filled with SuperLumiNova in a similar tone to original Tritium found in the 1969 model. Also retained are the paddle-shaped seconds hands, though a difference creeps up with the closed case-back now replaced by an exhibition one. 

A ‘groovy’ touch is brought on by the incorporation of the unusual applied square hour markers that feature horizontal ‘grooves’.

Zenith Defy Revival A3642 1 717x1024

Robust, simple, bold, legible, diminutive and suitable for slim wrists, nostalgic, featuring the loved Zenith SS “Ladder” bracelet, daily wearable, and even limited, what more can you ask for? 

What’s more, this is only the introductory chapter in the Defy resurgence; like a Marvel cinematic universe movie, Zenith also teased a modern successor — aka the Zenith DEFY Skyline — coming soon to a wrist near you. 

Zenith DEFY Revival A3642

To find out more about the new Zenith DEFY Revival A3642 and other Zenith watches, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise stated are courtesy are ©Zenith. All rights reserved.

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