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Meet The New Sinn EZM 13.1 – A Robust Dive Chronograph Perfect For Those Who Prefer To Wear Watches On Their Right Wrists

Editor’s Note: Need a quick watch fix? This preview of the new Sinn EZM 13.1 is a GET TO THE POINT (GTTP) review with all the info you want / need to know QUICK. For our actual hands-on reviews, please head to the dedicated section here. Now let’s get to the point.

What Is It

One of my favorite watches of all time is the Heuer Monaco. One of its features that appeals to me the most is the use of the calibre 11 with the positioning of the crown on the left hand side. 

Sinn EZM 13.1

The incorporation of left hand side crowns is rather rare. The Tudor Pelagos LHD is one. There are a couple of references from Panerai and IWC that are good too. And Sinn also does other offerings in this style, such as EZM 1.1, EZM 3F, EZM 7 S. But by and large, I usually find it hard to to be impressed by watches that can be satisfactorily worn on the right wrist. So for someone who wears their watch on the right wrist, the Sinn EZM 13.1 is very welcome. 

The 41mm diameter and 15mm thick cased package not only features a crown and pushers on left hand side, but is also a robust tool watch that’s rugged to the core and handsome to boot. 

Sinn EZM 13.1

When & Why  

Following the third edition of the LVMH Watch Week 2022 (January 24 – 28, 2022), it’s time for other watch novelties to be announced for this year. Alongside the Sinn 1739 Ag B, the new Sinn EZM 13.1 was announced on 11th Feb in the lead up to Sinn’s 2022 novelties and retails for 4’250 AUD.

The Sinn EZM 13.1 is the modern version of the Diving Chronograph EZM 13 from Baselworld 2014 if I remember correctly. 

Basic Specs Of The Sinn EZM 13.1

Inside the 41mm diameter Sinn EZM 13.1 ref. 613.011 ticks Sinn’s own calibre SZ02 with 60-minute stopwatch display. The SZ02 is based on the SZ01 and is derived from the Valjoux 7750.

The 30mm diameter movement is anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309, beats at the standard frequency of 4Hz, features 26 jewels, and provides roughly a 42-hour power reserve.

Usually Sinn watches come with a 2-year warranty if they use outsourced movements, but the new Sinn EZM 13.1 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Sinn EZM 13.1

How Does The Sinn EZM 13.1 Do

The new Sinn EZM 13.1 is a bold and matter-of-fact timepiece, that doesn’t pretend to be someone else. It’s a solid offering as a dive chronograph, and looks and acts the part with aplomb.

It is a complete package that includes: 

  • Ar‑Dehumidifying Technology that enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
  • Temperature Resistance Technology making the watch functionally reliable at temperatures from ‑45°C up to +80°C
Sinn EZM 13.1
  • Magnetic Field Protection up to 100 mT (= 80,000 A/m)
  • Push-pieces with D3-System (this system permits the crown and push-piece to be integrated in the case, providing reliable protection from lateral knocks and the penetration of dust or moisture)
  • Impressively water-resistant to 500m, and including further peace of mind with testing to DIN 8310, alongside testing based on European diving equipment standards EN 250 / EN14143 and certified by DNV

The thing with Sinn is, you always get a great tool watch that’s bestowed with dollops of generous features. The Sinn EZM 13.1 is no different. 

Sinn EZM 13.1

The bead blasted stainless steel case adds to the rugged aesthetics, the matte black dial is functional and not distracting, the indices and hands are coated with luminescent colour for optimal legibility, and the crown on the left side of the case helps prevent pressure on the back of the hand. I also like the use of subtle red accents, especially in the date window.

Besides the above listed features, I also like that the watch features a captive diver’s bezel with minute ratcheting and luminous key mark. I have handled Sinn dive watches before, and one thing can be said for sure – they do not feel compromised in any sense or form. 

Sinn EZM 13.1

We haven’t gone hands-on with these yet, and the 15mm thickness and 41mm diameter does make me a bit apprehensive when it comes to its wearability on slim wrists. But assuming that the new Sinn EZM 13.1 follows the case architecture of the Sinn EZM 13, the 41mm diameter case should feature a lug-to-lug spacing of about only 47mm. That should make it more slim wrist friendly. 

This reads very similar to the Sinn U50 S Mother-of-pearl S’ 47.8mm lug-to-lug spacing (same 41mm diameter) or the 46.9mm lug-to-lug spacing (same 41mm diameter) of the Sinn 104 St Sa I B. Both these watches sit very nicely on my ~16cm wrists.

Sinn U50 S Mother Of Pearl S 39
Sinn 104 St Sa I B 28

Also, the short, angled lugs with bevelled edges should help in making this watch sit quite snug on the wrist.

At the end of the day, if you are in the market for a reliable and sturdy dive chronograph, the EZM 13.1 offers a lot of bang for the buck.

The Sinn EZM 13.1 is like a 90s Hollywood action star – well-endowed, almost indestructible, and down-to-earth; but test it and it can also kick any competitor’s ass with ease. 

To find out more about the new Sinn EZM 13.1 and other Sinn watches, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise stated are courtesy are © Sinn.

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