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The Blue & Silver New Sinn 1739 Ag B Denies Father Time The Pleasure Of Tarnishing Your Wrist Game

Editor’s Note: Need a quick watch fix? This preview of the new Sinn 1739 Ag B is a GET TO THE POINT (GTTP) review with all the info you want / need to know QUICK. For our actual hands-on reviews, please head to the dedicated section here. Now let’s get to the point.

Sinn 1739 Ag B

What Is It

It seems Sinn could beat Tudor at their own game; whilst not a diver, the new 39mm diameter Sinn 1739 Ag B features a silver case, quite like last year’s explosive Tudor BB Fifty-Eight 925. We have all heard of and seen alleged reports online how the Tudor 925 is ageing. How true those are, I couldn’t comment on unless I personally owned that handsome timepiece.

But putting a stop on Father Time is the new Sinn 1739 Ag B, with its special oxidation protection courtesy a case made from 935 Argentium — by Argentium International Limited and in comparison, Tudor features a 925 Silver case — silver alloy.

Sinn 1739 Ag B

The brand informs that “This alloy has a special advantage: rather than tarnishing and blackening like normal silver, Argentium forms a protective germanium oxide surface layer. This layer considerably slows dow the tarnishing process. Instead, a golden hue develops, which can be removed with an Argentium care cloth”. 

It’s the horological moment that denies Father Time the pleasure of tarnishing your wrist game; say hello to the new Sinn 1739 Ag B, the blue-eyed beauty with a blemish-free silver body. 

Sinn 1739 Ag B

When & Why  

This is the time of the year all watch enthusiasts live and breathe for. After the third edition of the LVMH Watch Week 2022 (January 24 – 28, 2022), it’s time for other watch novelties to be announced for this year. 

The new Sinn 1739 Ag B was announced on 11th Feb in the lead up to Sinn’s 2022 novelties and retails for 3’800 AUD. 

Sinn 1739 Ag B
Sinn 1739 Ag B 6 1024x181

Basic Specs Of The Sinn 1739 Ag B

Inside the — incidentally the same as the Tudor BB58 925 — 39mm diameter Sinn 1739 Ag B ref. 1739.021 ticks the Sellita SW300-1. 

The SW300-1 in itself is an advanced version of 2008’s SW300 with a modified lower bridge, reversing wheel and auxiliary reversing wheel. This ensures for improved winding. The 25.6mm diameter and 3.6mm thick movement beats at the standard frequency of 4Hz and has a minimum to maximum amplitude range of 200° to 315° degrees. It is generally considered to be a premium version of the more commonly used SW200-1.

Sinn 1739 Ag B

The press release doesn’t inform whether the power reserve is the recently updated typical 56-hours power reserve (with minimum of 50-hours) or the previous generation’s 38 to 42-hours.

How Does The Sinn 1739 Ag B Do

The new Sinn 1739 Ag B is a straight-forward masterclass in the creation of ‘restrained tool-esque elegance’, and oozes with German design ingenuity.

Simplistic yet worth looking at twice, the Sinn 1739 has been executed to tick a lot of boxes for watch enthusiasts. It features an ever popular and versatile dial colour that thanks to the electroplated blue with sunburst decoration execution appears nothing short of visually pleasing. 

Sinn 1739 Ag B

My favourite feature is the execution of the flared out ‘bell bottom style’ indices; on a stepped blue dial, these silver-coloured and hand attached appliqué markers sort of float like tiny diving boards, rising over the lower level of the dial, waiting for the wearer to dive straight into the mesmerising world of the Sinn 1739 Ag B.

The 39mm diameter and 9.1mm thickness means that theoretically those who suffer from the slim wrist syndrome — totally made up by the way — such as myself with ~16cm wrists will find this a joy to strap on. In practice, thanks to the small lugs and only 45mm lug-to-lug spacing, the new Sinn 1739 Ag B should definitely find a place on slim wrists (and for reference, the Tudor BB58 925 measures 39mm in diameter, 13.2mm in thickness, and 47.2mm in lug-to-lug spacing). 

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 925 Taupe Dial 16 1024x683
Tudor BB58 925 with 39mm diameter on ~16cm wrist

In regards to sizing reference with my wrists, you can see how the Sinn 104 St Sa I B with the measurements of 41mm x 11.9mm and 46.9mm (lug-to-lug) sit on my ~16cm wrists.

Sinn 104 St Sa I B 23
Sinn 104 with 41mm diameter on ~16cm wrist

And the 20mm lug interhorn spacing ensures that aftermarket strap replacements will be easy to pursue. 

For those with larger wrist size who love these bare-bones aesthetics of the new Sinn 1739 but might find the timepiece too small, I would recommend trying this on with their brands bund strap. It will lend to it a whole other appeal. Or a thicker cow-hide strap. I personally find that it looks best on their canvas straps. 

The Sinn 1739 Ag B is also a practical timepiece, being waterproof and pressure resistant to 100m. This practicality his also reflected in the use of the D3 technology in their crown, which essentially means that the push-piece pins and crown shafts are mounted directly in a fine-finished case aperture, creating a perfect seal to the case. This system permits the crown and push-piece to be integrated in the case, providing reliable protection from lateral knocks and the penetration of dust or moisture. 

It is a bigger version of the 2017’s 1736 St I 4N, a piece that I would say is truly unisex. For those who would prefer these measurements but in steel, there are the updated 2020 Sinn 1739 models that feature a polished stainless steel case with either an electroplated black, silver or a diamond patterned dial.

Less is more with the Sinn 1739 Ag B. Minimalism at its best, its design  allows for the hour and minute hands to boldly mark the dictum of time. These in turn then complement the polished, rhodium-plated appliqué markers. Together, against a sun-ray effect blue backdrop, they ensure that both time and beauty walk in harmony.

Sinn 1739 Ag B

To find out more about the new Sinn 1739 Ag B and other Sinn watches, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise stated are courtesy are © Sinn.

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