Sneak Peek: Patek Philippe 2019 Minute Repeater (Rare Handcrafts)

Sneak Peek: Patek Philippe Minute Repeater (Rare Handcrafts)

The 2019 Minute Repeater (Rare Handcrafts) in 18-karat white gold case (reference: 5078G-010) marks Patek Philippes’ latest minute repeater complication model joining reference 5078G-001 — in white gold, cream enamelled dial and applied Breguet numerals — released in 2017. It is also the first dark dial since 2008’s 5078P-010 that was discontinued in 2017.

The movement — R 27 PS — used is a self-winding mechanical movement with decorated 22-carat gold mini-rotor (featuring minute repeater with classic gongs and small seconds) comprising of 342 parts. Nestled inside a white-gold case, it beats at the frequency of 3Hz (21’600 A/h) allowing for a decent 43 to 48 hour power reserve.

The watch face shows the functions of hours, minutes and seconds on a 18-carat black enamel dial with matte and shiny finishes decorated with volutes and arabesques. The hours, minutes and date hands are in white gold and so are hour markers. (Please see our detailed review here for more info on the dial face).  

The case-back comes in two interchangeable options: one in sapphire crystal, the other in solid white gold. It features substantive decorations including a Patek Philippe logo and a 22-carat gold mini-rotor. 

It comes on a shiny-black hand-stitched alligator strap with large square scales and a fold-over clasp.

The water resistance is missing on this one; it is however humidity and dust protected.

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It? 

In terms of use, we would say the 2019 Minute Repeater (Rare Handcrafts) is a not a daily wearer. It’s a special occasion dress or ‘high-tea’ wear watch. Given it’s 38mm diameter in size and comes in at only 10.18mm thickness, it’s the size of a traditional dress watch and fits the design language of one. It would work very well in a formal occasion or black-tie event and even though it will fit perfectly under the cuff for that boardroom meeting, is not meant for that occasion. 

It is after all a Patek Philippe ‘Rare Handcrafts’ watch, it can make it a highly sought after item for the brand connoisseurs. The 2019 Minute Repeater (Rare Handcrafts) definitely is a good looking dress watch and while the 18-carat black enamel dial with matte and shiny finishes is a show stopper, the minute repeater gong is definitely a conversation starter.

Rate-a-Mate: 1000

Fusion FridayYes


Grail-o-meter: High

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Patek Philippe, 5078G_010_DET
SmallPP 5078G010DET 10599 Jpg 2
Patek Philippe, 5078G_010_DET
SmallPP 5078G010DET 10603 Jpg 2
Patek Philippe, 5078G_010_DET
SmallPP 5078G010DET 10636 Jpg 2
Patek Philippe, 5078G_010_DET
SmallPP5078G010 Jpg 1
HyperFocal: 0
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Patek Philippe, 5178G_001
PP 5078G010DET 10783 Tif 1 Scaled
PP 5078G010DET 10896 Tif 2 Scaled
PP 5078G010DET 10918 Tif 3 Scaled
PP 5078G010DET 10955 Tif 3 Scaled
PP 5078G010DET 10955NB Tif 2 Scaled