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Time To Show Affection For A Wrist Contraption Providing Much Satisfaction – Get Ready For Unhindered Accurate Time Measurement Action With The New Sinn EZM 1.1 S 

Editor’s note: Like you, we are also excited for 2022 novelties. Before we get to dive deep into them, here’s our preview & Gut Reaction Review (Grr…) of the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S. For our detailed hands-on reviews, please head to our dedicated reviews section here. This is not a sponsored post.

The New Sinn EZM 1.1 S In A Nutshell

After the Sinn 1739 Ag B and the Sinn EZM 13.1 that were announced in Feb as lead in to Sinn’s 2022 novelties, comes the robust Sinn EZM 1.1 S. It is the newer version — with Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT Technology basis — of the last Sinn EZM 1.1 from 2017 and marks the 25th anniversary of Sinn’s Mission-Timer (EZM) timepieces whose roots lay in 1997’s EZM 1 chronograph.

My first reaction to the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S was to embrace the opportunity on behalf of those who like me wear their watches on the right wrist. Like I had said in my review of the Sinn EZM 13.1, watches with left hand side crowns are rather infrequently released, with only a few notable examples such as the Heuer Monaco and Tudor Pelagos LHD. (Technically its inclusion here is rather opposite of what I like in it, with the crown’s placement ensuring that it doesn’t put pressure on the back of the hand).

IMG 5903 1 1024x683

My more composed reaction was to respect the form follows function design mentality behind Sinn’s EZM timepieces. Being an architect and a follower of the above dictum courtesy my architectural guide being a former student of the Frank Lloyd Wright himself, I always admire when watch designers introduce designs based on logic and functionality. 

The EZM 1.1 S like its previous counterparts such as the EZM 1 — produced from 1997–2005 and designed for the Central Customs Support Group ZUZ (Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll) — or the EZM 2 and EZM 2B that were designed as a diving watch for the maritime unit of the Border Protection Group 9 (GSG 9) to name a couple takes the EZM principle of optimum readability to heart and delivers. 

New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

Sinn watches like the EZM 12 that is designed for emergency doctors, the EZM 4 developed for use by fire brigades and rescue services, the EZM 3F designed as a pilot watch with Magnetic Field Protection, or the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S that is designed for those who wish to use the captive countdown pilot’s bezel or calculate mission timings without any frivolous distractions no matter what the conditions are, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to deliver reliable timepieces at rather affordable prices. 

Get ready for unhindered accurate time measurement with the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S

New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

The 5W1H Of The New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

The new Sinn EZM 1.1 S features a 200m water-resistant 43mm diameter and 16.4mm thick bead-blasted stainless steel case with a lug-to-lug spacing of 49mm and interhorn spacing of 22mm. The case features a screw-fastened case-back and screw-down crown.

Retailing for 7’500 AUD, the 500-pieces only limited edition new  Sinn EZM 1.1 S is announced today on 29 March 2022 as lead in to the Time To Watches event happening parallel to Watches & Wonders in Geneva.

New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

Best Foot Forward

The most striking feature about the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S besides a minimalistic display design is its blacked out aesthetics that now include both the dial and the case. Stealth, modern, and ready to do its part. That and the left hand side crown. 

New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

Basic Specifications Of The New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

Inside the new EZM 1.1 S ticks the brand’s own SZ01 movement that is based on the Concepto C99001 — which in turn is further inspired by the ETA/Valjoux 7750 and also traces some roots to the Lemania 5100 — and its architecture ensures a jump 60-minute stop hand from the dial centre that enables stop times to be recorded more easily, quickly and accurately.

The 30mm diameter SZ01 movement is anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309, features stop-seconds, provides ~42-hour power reserve, comprises 28 jewels, and beats at the frequency of 4Hz. 

New Sinn EZM 1.1 S


“Since each mission timer is equipped with the relevant functions for the operation’s specific requirements, no two are the same. Yet they are united by one common principle of construction and design: focus on the key essentials in terms of outstanding readability and rapid time recording. Incidentally, these are virtues that also please watch lovers who do not necessarily have to cope with life-threatening missions in their everyday lives. People who appreciate the fact that a watch like the EZM 1.1 S is an accurate, reliable and extremely robust timepiece.”

Press release 
New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

Our Thoughts On The New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

The new Sinn EZM 1.1 S may be on the larger side with a 43mm diameter but is also pretty much a life-proof timepiece that with some extremely impressive features such as the brand’s own movement, Ar-Dehumidifying Technology that enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging, functional reliability from –45°C up to +80°C, a captive bezel and push-pieces with D3-System.

I like how this D3-System permits the crown and push-piece to be integrated in the case, providing reliable protection from lateral knocks and the penetration of dust or moisture. 

The stealth matte black dial works well in cahoots with the blackened case, and on it the indices and hour/minute hands coated with luminescent colour act the part of clearly telling the time no matter day or night. Even the stopwatch minute and stopwatch second hand are coated with luminescent colour. 

New Sinn EZM 1.1 S

The Sinn EZM series is primarily aimed at men and women of action, whether be it pilots, divers, firefighters, emergency doctors, rescue workers, member of German Central Customs Support Group or ZUZ (Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll), or special units of the German police force. But the beauty of watches like the new EZM 1.1 S is that they can appeal to anyone, whether be it a civilian, watch enthusiast, or a seasoned watch  collector.

The watch is designed to simply take any challenge in its stride and come out winning. 1997’s EZM 1 chronograph now justly has its cult following, and the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S in limited pieces of 500 will surely find home with those who like to use their watches as tools rather than those who buy extra tools to protect their watches.

To find out more about the new Sinn EZM 1.1 S and their other watches, please head to their website here. All images unless otherwise stated are courtesy are © Sinn / Copyright Sinn Spezialuhren.

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